Thursday, August 12, 2010


...and me, not a match made in heaven.

Have just spent a fruitless and joyless hour fighting with iTunes. To no avail. My problem has to wait for Simon's return tonight & even then it will probably have to wait till the weekend as he's back too late to be able to fix the problem (although, that said, it'll probably be a matter of him going click, click, click and then fixing me with the baleful glare usually reserved for the terminally stupid (ie the dog) and saying 'there you go' in a patronising tone).

All I'm trying to do is transfer 2 new CD's (didn't just download from iTunes as I want to be able to play them in the Toyota enroute to England next week & the Toyota is a bit old school, doesn't have a pluggy thingy for an ipod (shock, horror, gasp)) so I ripped them onto the computer (can do that with my eyes closed) and then imported to iTunes, it's a faff but worth it. Got the new music onto my iphone then tried to sync the ipod for the Mini (still with me? 2 cars, 2 ithingies, 1 stubborn computer & 1 increasingly frustrated technophobe) but iTunes says that the ipod needs to sync with another iTunes library, or I can choose to resync with the current library, wiping out all existing data & putting new data on (said NO as loud as I could to that option - did that to my phone just before we went on holiday and it was left as virgin as the driven snow (am slowly beginning to hate iTunes)) so then I went hunting around the computer for other iTunes libraries & found 4 in total (2 user i.d's 1 hard drive, 1 buffalo (seriously, don't ask) = 4) I tried the ipod on all of these libraries - they're all very keen to be friends but first they want to wipe it I'm stuck, waiting for the return of Simey who will either fix my problem with ease or fling the ipod across the room with a string of abuse following it, I hope he can fix it...

Technology, sometimes I do miss the simplicity of a TDK C90 and an HB pencil (used to wind in those loops of tape that would accidentally spool out)

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