Saturday, September 19, 2009

shopping fun

Friday morning was spent very happily shopping with Rebecca (after first having coffee of course, no shopping trip is complete without a coffee stop) Rebecca needed something to wear for next Saturday's birthday party (her husband's 40th) nothing too glam but definitely something new. Now I could shop professionally and if it were an Olympic sport I'd certainly medal, so the opportunity to help a friend spend money is never turned down! Anyway we found 2 possible outfits & bought both (of course, - I know from BITTER experience that one should never walk away from something that seems perfect, you can always take it back but you're guaranteed that if you leave it in the shop and then go back a week later when the siren call has grown too strong then it will be gone - it's a fatal mistake!) Then it was onto shoes, or rather boots. And this time we did walk away from one pair - totally gorgeous turquoise suede ankle boots but with a 3 inch heel and not quite the right size but so sexy...Anyway it was a very successful shopping trip although Sam is quite keen to ban us from shopping together now as I'm deemed to be a bad influence!!
Back from shopping I had to face a grumpy Larissa (Latvian cleaner, who is rarely happy, but then she cleans other people's houses for a living, how can that make anyone happy?) she wasn't amused by the note I'd left her which she thought intimated that she doesn't clean the cellar rooms very well (she doesn't) and she hates my hoover (a dyson that maybe is on its last legs but its health hasn't been helped by the brutal treatment it receives at her hands!) blah blah blah. Fortunately I couldn't stay too long to endure her moaning as I had to pick up Ben and take him to a golf lesson...
Later I had to drop Ben & Timo at Vincent's for a birthday party - which involved 12 or so boys being bussed to a studio to film their version of the German pop video 'das geht ab', that'll be a tough one to top!

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