Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today Jas has had no school (teacher training, but at least we had lots of notice with this one, unlike Ben's the other week) although I'm at a loss to understand why they have teacher training days in the middle(ish) of the week and not on a Monday or Friday and then we'd have a long weekend to enjoy, ah well, clearly whoever organizes teacher training is male and has never been a parent!

I've just been 'helping' Jas with her homework.

Maths is one thing, I mean 1+1=2 in all languages although before moving to DE I'd always thought that the 'x' was the universal multiplication symbol, but no. Here in Germany 6.2 is a sum and not an answer.
6.2 = 6x2 = 12
and so after that surely you can guess what 6:2=...3 of course.
We were so confused when we had to help with Ben's first lot of maths homework, it was a case of - but that's an answer, not a sum....

Anyway, helping with Jasmine's German homework.
Sometimes it really is the blind leading the blind, from a list of words we've had to pick out which are verbs, nouns and adjectives...takes a whole lot longer when you don't recognise some of the words (thankfully after living here for 2+ years we have a whole range of dictionaries both electronic (slovoed & casio ex-word) internet (babelfish & leo) and the traditional paper (can't beat the Oxford although as it's the size of a brieze block it could be used for beating)
I've had to help with dictation too, which really is pointless as my pronunciation of German is very English and so she made very few errors (which is fine until you compare that result with that from previously when the teacher had been dictating...) and today we've had making up sentences using the adjectives from the previous list, fun!
However, it's done now & I've started her writing a diary/journal (also in German to improve her German) first we had to go shopping for the book to write in and the pen to do the writing with and she's happily sat here and written about her morning's activities, it might have been a day off school but she's worked really hard too! Poor child.

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