Wednesday, September 23, 2009

internet free zone

It's amazing how hard it is to cope without access to the internet & bizarre really considering that for the majority of my life there was no internet & yet 12 hours without it today have been hard! And not completely without it really as with my iphone its easy enough to check email and facebook etc, just a drag for normal internet cruising and the typing of blogs and certainly no chance of doing my Goethe language work online...

But T-com reckon they've fixed the problem now and only a day after we raised it with them, German efficiency eh?

It's funny that the Germans should be famous (to non Germans) for efficiency and yet when you live here and experience German life in full - from schools to hospitals to doctors to dentists, all the minutae of bureaucracy drives you crazy! There's rules for everything and nothing - for example you're not supposed to do 'noisy' gardening before a certain time, during lunchtimes or on Sundays or bank holidays and yet the children at school go on trips on buses without seat belts and sometimes where there aren't enough seats for all the children...bizarre? My friend Rebecca collected her youngest from kindergarten to discover he had a bite mark on his cheek, skin unbroken but come this morning the bite was still visible, kindergarten when queried about it had no answers, no-one had seen it happen & no accident book for it to be noted in and yet you make too much noise on a Bank holiday and your neighbours are more than likely to call the police! The bureaucracy isn't balanced, there's too much in some areas and absolutely none in others!

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