Thursday, September 17, 2009

shitty, shitty day

Last night's session at school, to hear about the 6 day trip to Langeoog was LONG, too too long, 2 hours too long, I only escaped (by digging under the perimeter fence and outrunning the guards) after sitting through 3 1/2 hours of photos and all the children's (24 of them) stories. It was interesting up to a point...and I passed that point about an hour in! I definitely deserved the 2 glasses of white wine and trashy DVD that I treated myself to on my return.

So today brought more SS (school stress). Just moments after waving Jas off to school her teacher rang, requesting a meeting with him and the maths teacher - things like that are never going to be good news are they? They don't ring the class swot's parents to congratulate them, do they? I just hope it's to do with 'must work harder, concentrate more & needs extra tuition' which is all do-able, please don't let them already be threatening to keep her back a year...It must be something like that as the maths teacher also wants in on the meeting.

Thankfully Si is actually in the country on Monday evening (miracle) so I wont be alone, at least with the 2 of us we stand a half way decent chance of understanding the rapid fire deutsch that will come our way & be able to fight our corner!

So that was the 1st hour or so of my day, then I take Logan running with me & get home to discover the skiving mutt has managed to cut the pad of his hind paw (again). I'm sure he does it on purpose to get out of running with me...overweight beast of a retriever! So for the foreseeable future I shall have to exercise him on the lead with a special shoe on (to protect his wound) and that wont work well at running then I shall have run seperately, the upside is I'll get more exercise...the downside is less time for other trivia....but more exercise means more cake...think positively V!

The final ordeal of the day is approaching as I have to take Ben to the doc's for a check up - last year he broke his arm twice (in exactly the same spot) & this is the check to make sure all is well, just praying we don't have to go for an x-ray as well as that adds another hour onto the whole hanging around with lots of sick people thing. Joy.

And the day started off so well, autumn but warm and sunny, maybe tomorrow will be 100% sunny? One can but hope & I must be positive about life!

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