Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Last Supper*

*actually it was breakfast, but that doesn't scan as well...

One of our Frauen die Frühstücken is leaving us.

It's dreadfully wonderful news** that we've had to come to terms with.  Princie's actual leaving date is April 9, slap bang in the middle of the school Easter hols (when lots of us are away) so this Wednesday was the last time for us to frühstück in our favourite place (Villa Landleben of course) The proper drinkie leaving do is on Friday, you may, or may not get to hear about that, we'll see, but Wednesday was just us girlies with piles of fruit, cheese, muesli, croissants, smoked salmon, ham, yoghurt, bread, coffee and prosecco and lots of chat.

It's amazing the subjects that can be discussed during three hours of leisurely feasting, here's what I heard...

  • at what age boys start to 'notice' girls - wildly variable, one poor, long suffering mom said that her 11 year old has never not noticed the opposite sex.
  • how the current way of dating appears to be to have regular sex with someone for a period of weeks before actually dating - used to be the other way round back in the olden days.
  • - the perfect site for porn apparently (I should tell you now that I can tell if you leave my blog via a weblink I've included)
  • sterilisation of husbands & the nursing care afterwards meaning that 1 girlie can't go to Princie's Friday night do.
  • divorcing in Germany - far better by the sounds of it to go back to the UK to do it because the alimony deal here is RUBBISH, another girlie is having to deal with this, and is debating whether to fight or let it go.
  • schools (as ever) taking children out of school a day early to avoid the doubling in costs of plane flights, which when you're talking a family of five flying to the U.S. to visit family (as opposed to a trip to Disney for Mickey 'n Minnie) just makes sense, although some parents are getting sly and asking teachers to schedule tests for the last day of term just to foul up other parents' plans - how mean is that?
  • Princie's imminent departure, sob,sob - she loved her present by the way.
  • talked about organising an evening in with our respective wedding photo albums, mainly so we can point and laugh at our dated looks
  • the beauty of a good mani/pedi, how nail varnish from a good pedicure will last and last and last, the name and number for a great home visiting beautician was shared (gotta love the ease of iphone ownership that means with a couple of taps the contact details can be zapped to a friend, no scrabbling around for pen and paper required.)

It was, as ever, a lovely way to spend a morning with friends, it's a great setting although the staff seemed a little grumpy today, but despite that (and it could have been just my imagination)  we're booked again for May 2, which is five weeks hence and not four, but in four weeks they're fully booked, popular place Villa Landleben

** dreadful because we'll miss her, wonderful because he (the other half, who is the reason that she's here in Germany anyway) got a job offer he would have been hole in the head stoooopid to turn down

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