Thursday, March 8, 2012

Antagonizing Antipodean

I was rather worried last night before heading out to the monthly expats quiz night, the buses and most of the trains were out on strike yesterday and then the weather turned most foul, wind and rain, guaranteed to keep the faint hearted at home. 

I shouldn't have worried, a cosy bar, good company and a challenging quiz master will bring most expats crawling out of the woodwork, I think we were nine teams of two in the end.

The first hour was spent gossiping of course and catching up with people from last month but eventually Chris managed to call us to order, although he nearly lost his master file with all the questions in it - now that would have been a tragedy!

The first round of questions were topical/timely:
- whose death in the 5th century is enthusiastically celebrated every March?
- which Monkey was named by Yahoo! music as the number teen idol of all time?
- in “Alice in Wonderland”, which leporid does Alice meet at the Mad Hatter’s tea party?
- who had numer one hits with "I will always love you", "Greatest love of all", "I wanna dance with somebody" and "Didn't we almost have it all"?
- which one of the following is NOT one of the labours of the hero Hercules. A) He cleaned the Aegean stables B) He captured the Cretan Bull C) He slayed the Nemean Lion D) He restored the Hellenic Drachma

The second round was all about dogs, or rather an Australian's take on dogs...we had to name the dog belonging to the owner given:
- Tin Tin
- The Jetsons
- Charlie Brown
- The Simpsons
- Obelix

The fourth round was clips from famous movies, and we were rubbish, only managing 3/5 and one of those I recognised the music in the clip rather than the speech.

The fourth round was very clever, headlines written about fairy tales (so the locals in the bar didn't have a chance, as there was word play involved and so much gets lost in translation) we had to name the fairy tale character from the headline:
- It’s difficult to hide among the vertically challenged.
- Seriously, shoes are so important.
- After an inauspicious start in the marketplace, I saw rapid growth of my investment .
- Funny how one prick can bring the whole country to a complete standstill.
- OK, so I have no respect for other people’s property, but they were ANIMALS!

And the fifth and final round was general knowledge:
Which Type Of Cheese Is Made In Reverse Order?
- Which is the Spanish speaking country with the highest population?
- What is a tittle? Is it A) a grunt made when trying to suppress a laugh B) a nesting box C) a feather fan used by exotic dancers or D) a printed dot such as that found above the small letter i.
- True or false. Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.
- What colour are the majority of the balls in Snooker?

A tricky little quiz this month, Chris was very pleased with himself, for having defeated Emma yet again (only 23/25) and for having written some rather clever questions, and that despite us finding some of the questions desperately tricky we still loved it.  We'll be back for more.

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