Monday, March 19, 2012

Knick Knack Paddy Whack*

Saturday, March 17, was St Patrick's Day, traditionally celebrated in bars all around the world by lots and lots of non Irish people.  We were no exception.

We spent the evening at Lulu's where there was a St Patrick's Day comedy quiz night, organised by the Texan owner and run by a Canadian comedian who lives in Belgium...

The comedy was, it has to be said, not to it's usual standard and the quiz (organised by the comedians) was not of the caliber that we've grown accustomed to (clearly been spoilt rotten by the hard work of first Ian and then Chris) but it was an evening out with friends in a pleasant environment and as we didn't make it home till well after the pumpkin hour we must have been having fun.

One team got so fed up with the questions that at half time they filled in the answers to all the up coming rounds, unsurprisingly they came last.  We knew we wouldn't win, there were too many rounds where we didn't have a clue (can you name the 4th and 5th most populous states in America?  Or the last three countries to win the Eurovision song contest?  Or the number of plot lines in the film Love Actually?) but we were desperate to beat the team next to us which was made up of our husbands - we didn't manage it, I think they came 3rd and we came 4th, damn.

Following on from the evening though I seem to have a couple of dates I need to put in my diary, when I can remember exactly what the dates are - I know one is for a Eurovision party so that's easy, it must be the date of the contest (so that'll be May 26th then) we discovered during one of the questions that we three all share the guilty pleasure of watching Eurovision year in year out, bitching about every single act from the song and singing to the makeup and costumes and the floorshow, and swearing every year that we will never watch it again because of the political voting that skews everything.  So this year we'll do it together, had planned it to be at E's, but having gone to write it in my diary I find that the outlaws are due here that week, so maybe I'll have to host it instead... The other date was for a grill off, the first of three possible meets (or should that be "meats"?) V has a new grill (bbq) as do we, E doesn't but is offering up curry instead - perfect.  The question is what was the date for the first grill session...April 27th rings a bell, but I better confirm that I guess...

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