Thursday, July 21, 2011

School's Out

School's out for summer.

It's been a long time coming, so many days of getting up at 6.30am and so many afternoons spent helping with homework, but finally it's the summer holidays.

There have been years in the past when I've dreaded the six weeks when the children are at home, driftless and the constant refrain is 'what are we doing today?' But as the children are growing up, so the necessity for me to provide entertainment is waning, they'd much rather play with friends than do something I've suggested and so at this point in my parenting career I'm looking forward to six weeks with no desperate need to be somewhere.

Quite why the schools didn't all break up last week is beyond me, they certainly haven't done any work in the last four days. At the high school they handed their text books back last Friday and then have been on a very reduced timetable - in at 9 (instead of 7.50) on two days & back whenever the teachers had had enough of them (maybe that's just how it seemed, there's certainly been no adherence to the timetable) yesterday they weren't in till 11 and then it was only in order to run as many 2.5k sponsored laps as they could in order to raise funds for the school beautification programme. The primary school has been equally lax this week, Jas reporting many lessons were 'playing lessons' and today her class went down to the the Eiscafé.

Anyway, another school term and year is done with, six weeks of doing very little to look forward to! Just hope the weather plays along, I don't want six weeks trapped in a house with a stinky wet dog and two kids who want to be outside!

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