Friday, July 15, 2011

Quiz-ie Rascal

Last night was the 2nd Expats Quiz Night, sadly the turnout wasn't up to that of last months due to the truly crappy weather I'm sure, but that didn't stop us, we had enough for three teams of three and so the battle commenced!

Ian slaves all month long on writing the quiz (yeah, I don't believe that either, I mean, he does have a proper job afterall!) and delights in tormenting our grey matter. Here's a few of the questions we were taxed with:

What types of Disney animal are the following?
- Iago?
- Scar?
- Robin Hood?

Sport round;
- Sebastian Vettel won last years Formula 1 championship but who came 2nd?
- In what year did the Ryder Cup start? 1917, 1927 or 1937?
- Which is the first tournament of the year in the Tennis Grand Slam?

General knowedge;
- Name the secretary general of the U.N.
- Route 66 connects L.A with which other city?
- Where is the Gobi desert?

There was also a picture round, we had to name the car brands from their badges - a piece of automobile cake for J* and me, but the Luscious Lulus confused this:

for this:oops!

It was another fun, quiz night which has even won over Rachael, who "doesn't do quiz nights", previously declaring them to be too serious and dull...that cannot be said of Mr Quizmaster Hookham, who seems to have the level of our (un)intelligence and (lack of) general knowledge finely judged.

The three teams were very close, with the cheating** Yanks winning by 2 points followed by the Luscious Lulus and the United Nations both getting 19/25. We then screamed ahead to claim second prize by getting the tie breaker question correct:

In a worldwide survey the French were (supposedly) declared to be the nation which has the most sex, but how much do they get in a year?
J was ecstatic. He knew that, he declared, he'd heard it once and clearly never forgets a fact once he's heard first he wrote down 167, changed it to 168 and finally settled on 170. Fortunately for J (whose infallible memory was clearly suffering from 1 glass of wine*** too many) the Lulus guessed higher than us and as the answer was something like 130**** we then won 2nd prize. Gloat? Of course we didn't!

* a self confessed petrol head with a sad weakness for Suzuki Swifts.
** they admitted to cheating on at least one question.
*** this makes him sound like a raging alcoholic, when in fact, as he was intending to drive home (but not in a Swift) he only drank 1 glass of wine all evening.
**** I've tried to find the right answer online as the Quizmaster said it was a proper (Wiki verified) fact, but I've failed and really don't want to keep Googling 'frequent & sex'...

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