Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy Bee

I have had such a ridiculously busy weekend.

Normally my diary is a blank (for 'fun' things anyway, it's always full of stuff like 'German lesson' & 'Jas maths' & 'dentist') occasionally I'll get a weekend with a Friday evening outing or, even rarer, a Saturday one but this weekend? Mad busy!

It all kicked off with book group, 16 or 17 of us talking ten to the dozen, annoying all the Germans around us because we were so loud and they still couldn't eavesdrop because we were yakking in English and probably way too fast for them - sad. We (Rebecca, Emma & I) made the decision to drink red (as opposed to the pink which got us ruinously drunk last month) with the theory that we'd drink less that way, fortunately steered clear of the the bio tempranillo, which when drunk on a previous occasion gave us all really bad heads (and it wasn't anything to do with the quantity trust me) Kamesh and Muna forgot this vital fact though and apparently suffered the whole of Saturday for it. This month we have a proper book to read - Ken Follett, The Pillars of the Earth. This was on the recommendation of (big) Rebecca* who was shocked into almost speechlessness (not an easy thing to accomplish as she's American, only not talking when drinking, actually she quite likes a drink...) when we said none of us there had read it, we could live to regret this hasty decision as it turns out to have about a billion pages...I guess it'll keep me entertained on holiday.

Saturday we had an invitation to an American Independence Day celebration at Princie's. Princie and John rent an apartment down on the edge of the river so large amunts of party time were spent on the balcony, glass in one hand, other hand waving at nosey people walking along the river bank who would stop and stare. The party was good fun; good food, nice wine and good company, about half and half (Brits to Yanks) with the odd Kraut thrown in as well for good measure. The Brits took the dress code to be red, white and blue (see yesterday's blog for a pic) whilst the Yanks went for heavy accessorising - stars 'n stripes hats, red, white 'n blue flower garlands etc. this almost but not quite made up for the teensie weensie white shorts that were being worn. I know I sound bitter and twisted but that's because I am, the itsy bitsy shorts were accompanied by endless brown legs and long blonde hair - jailbait if ever I saw it, turns out the 2 girls were 13...OMG, and I nearly offered them a glass of wine each!

Sunday and we had a diary clash, Ben had his end of term do from 2pm at the canoe club up river, cake, bbq and canoe polo were on the menu, but at 3pm Jas and I had to be at her school for yet another performance of the Pied Piper (she's in it & I'm back stage) so after grabbing a piece of cake and squeezing in a bit of chat we had to dash back here. After the performance we had to take apart the stage and put all the chairs back in the classrooms and generally turn the gym hall back into a functioning gym hall. All I wanted to do yesterday evening was sleep!

I told you I'd had a packed weekend, I almost need a weekend to recover, but hey, at least there's only three weeks of school left and then we're off to Spain to relax in the sun, 19 days and counting!

* book group has two Rebeccas, one is about 2 feet taller than the other...

Word of the day; einräumen - to admit to a lie, or, to stack shelves

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Jayne said...

Pillars of the Earth is an awesome book & I really hope you enjoy reading it! There's a TV series made of it as well (with Ian McShane playing a brilliant baddie!) which is available on DVD. Its obviously not as good as the book, but well worth watching :-)

I'm knackered just reading about your busy weekend!