Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday Night Tales

Friday was the first Friday of the month and therefore Bookgroup.

It was a hot evening but when we (Emma, Hannah & I) arrived the big windows at the front of the Black Cat were shut. Apparently they had been open and Marianne commented that she'd been sitting there thinking how nice it was to have a cooling breeze when the 2 guys drinking coffee (yeah, I know, who the hell drinks cappucino in 25 degrees heat and then goes on to drink white wine - makes no sense) asked for the windows to be shut. This led us onto a discussion about drafts - Germans don't on the whole like or approve of drafts, in an air conditioned office you will probably find files partially blocking a cooling air vent - to 'enhance the spread of the cool air', sure.

We managed to bemuse the owner of the Black Cat by requesting pink wine (we all know its proper term is rosé but it was far more amusing to ask for something pink & we were giddy with the heat, honest) we then proceeded to order bottle after bottle of the pink (there were 4.5 of us drinking it (one left after 2 hours to go on a date) and it was hot) to the extent that we drank them out of it, either that or they'd put sugar in the last bottle...Michelle got home safely (it takes at least 1 tram/bus and 1 train to get her home) but couldn't remember the journey, I caught a taxi with Emma & Hannah and I seem to recall Hannah needing the window open for at least part of the trip! Marianne was wise to this problem and ordered her red wine by the glass - the last time she shared and allowed Kamesh to top up her glass willy nilly she suffered - as did Jenny (who apparently had to get off her train 6 stops early to walk before she redecorated the carriage).

There is another problem with drinking too much - we appear to have opted to read Jilly Cooper's latest bonkbuster for next month. It seemed like a great idea at the time...something frothy and trivial, perfect for the summer and a suitable antedote to the previous depressing read 'Never Let Me Go', I can't see any of the male members of Bookgroup reading this month's choice though!

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Jayne said...

*hic* !!
Well, I'm now trying to decide if you all should drink the pink stuff whilst reading Jilly Coopers latest? It could be interesting!