Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Reviews #21

Jump - Jilly Cooper.

There are many (very brief) sentences I could use to describe my feelings about our last book group read..."what a pile of poo" and "don't bother" being amongst them.

There was a fair bit of disagreement over the choice of book after the evening, but it only seemed fair to continue on with the chosen book and although I stand by that decision I do feel as though I have egg on my face (and it was't even my book suggestion).

I have read many, many Jilly Cooper books over the years, afterall she written a fair few and been very successful, enough to warrant the honour of receiving an OBE. Her books tend to be horsey and raunchy, she was writing chick lit long before the term was invented and she never usually disappoints but I fear with Jump, Jilly has lost her mojo.

I gave it till past page 100 but then decided to throw in the towel. It was just too dull and annoying with a main character who is in her 60's with two grown up children who treat her like the doormat she is. That really is as much as I can be bothered to tell you, definitely not Jilly at her best.

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