Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Last Friday was the Royal Wedding, you couldn't really miss it could you?

For our house it started on Thursday when the local press came to take photos of the crazy English people who were decorating their house in order to celebrate the wedding of their future king. They clearly wanted to think us bonkers but judging by the reaction of the 'normal' Germans on the actual day everyone was just a little bit crazy on Friday, even my (male) neighbour had watched it at work and had an opinion about Beatrice & Eugenie's headgear and a (male) friend of Ben's confessed to only having watched a bit of the wedding (a bit being 2 hours).

And then it was the day of the party itself, the house and garden were completely dresed in red, white and blue bunting, the dog wore a pink collar (ladies had to wear hats and males pink - I figured that way we'd keep it an all female gossipy day without offending the menfolk by telling them that they weren't allowed!) the living room had been rearranged to maximise TV viewing (afterall we had 17 people due) and most importantly the fridge was full of fizz.

Rachael was the first arrival around 9.30 - the TV coverage started around that time and guests were due to start arriving at the Abbey about then and we were keen to have the chance to express an opinion on as many outfits as possible. From then on there was a steady flow of people arriving and champagne being poured, the gossiping got louder, the bitching keener and the TV volume kept increasing.

We were a diverse group, 3 little girls all entranced by the idea of a Prince's wedding, then there were 2 Yanks and a Canadian, 5 Germans (2 are English/German teachers and 1 is half Yank) a Singaporean and a pile of Brits but we were all agreed on several things - Kate's dress was beautiful, Beatrice and Eugenie had clearly been taken shopping by Fergie*, and that the whole event was wonderful, no-one can do pomp and circumstance like the Brits!

As I said, we started at 9.30, I think the last people left just before 6 and during the course of the day as people came and went (some coming and going again) we managed to get through more than 8 bottles of fizz, a couple of bottles of water, a plate full of cucumber sandwiches (made made one of the Yanks!!) various bits of cake (we had everything from cheese cake through to chocolate cake and a wedding cake) savoury nibbles, smoked salmon and cream cheese, M&S jammie dodgers, greek salad, tortillas....and we tried to educate the foreigners (i.e. non Brits) in the Royal family (who's who, etiquette etc.) it was a truly great day.Link

Word of the day; the wedding - das Hochzeit

* I can almost imagine her saying, "as I'm not invited then I'll treat you both to your outfits". That way her lack of taste got inflicted on us anyway, is it just me or did anyone else think that they looked like they were auditioning for the roles of the ugly sisters in Cinderella?)

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Jayne said...

I was down on the Natal south coast for a Harley Rally.....Mike had a couple of problems to sort out with his bike & for once, I was really pleased it was a single seater, as it meant I didn't have to go with him! I waved him off to do the 'man thing', made me a pot of coffee, grabbed some nibbles, put my feet up & thoroughly enjoyed almost 4hrs of uninterrupted wedding coverage! It was a fabulous event, terribly British with all the pomp & ceremony & if it weren't for Fergies girls looking right disasters, would've been totally perfect!