Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frauen die Frühstücken

I've mentioned before about missing the opportunities that I had back in the UK to lunch with friends (or rather one particular friend) not because I have no-one to lunch with but rather because the hours that the children are in school mean that they're more often than not home for lunch - really cramping my lunching style.

However the locals get around this by breakfasting instead, and this is not just a pop tart and a swig of tea, oh no, this is full on hotel stylee buffet breakfast. My friends and I have met a couple of times to date in Romeo's (or Enzo's as it's known by the locals - because the owner is called Enzo of course) and taken a leisurely breakfast - meeting at 9am (which enables you to have got the children to school and sort out your own errands before settling down to catching up on the gossip) and leaving in time to be home for the children's lunch!

Rachael, one of our core Frühstück Four (there's Rachael, Princie, Rebecca & me - 3 Brits & 1 Yank) had seen in a home & garden magazine or some such thing either an advert or a feature on a place in the town down river (Mülheim) and thought it looked like somewhere we should try out. She rang to book a table and was advised there was a 5 week waiting list for tables...for breakfast! So she booked, there and then and we waited and waited for our date.

Yesterday we frühstücked in style at Villa Landleben in a wonderful room, filled with lots of gorgeous stuff crying out to be examined and bought. So first we browsed (very briefly, we were hungry) and then we sat and ate and ate and ate...They offered us scrambled eggs with bacon and we jumped at the opportunity and then we attacked the buffet with the gusto of the the terminally starving. It was all quite simply delicious, croissants with 4-5 different types of jam of course, cereal (if you really felt the need to be über traditional) as many types of bread and roll as you can think of, cheese and ham that would shame a deli counter and more fruit than a fruit salad. All washed down with endless coffee or tea and juice. It was quite simply heaven, especially when you get to enjoy such food with a group of good friends and sit there, putting the world to rights.

So as we paid we made sure to rebook, looking forward to it already!

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