Friday, May 27, 2011

Gym Tales

I'm im love with a machine at my gym. Crazy huh?

This week my train er started our session saying she had a new toy she wanted to share with me.
I confess my first reaction wasn't positive, I may even have asked whether it was another of the devils playthings - she has many of these which she makes me suffer with every week, she especially enjoys getting me to balance on a flattened dome thingy while doing some ludicrous manoeuvre, if Im lucky it's both feet on one dome, on bad days it's two feet on separate domes, twice the wobblyness, but that pleasure was left for later in the session, the new toy was an all singing, all dancing set of scales.

A few years ago now I did the whole weightwatchers thing and ate really really sensibly & weighed myself once a week all with the goal of losing the weight that tends to accumulate during pregnancy. Anyway, my routine was to weigh myself every Wendesday for the simple reason that then I'd had 2 days of good routine to counteract the mild slippage I allowed myself every weekend, I also ensured I weighed myself post loo but pre breakfast & completely naked thus ensuring I was at my lightest (a friend who's done the same diet confessed to a similar weigh in routine, so I'm not alone in my craziness!)

But on tuesday the scales were presented to me as a surprise. I'd had breakfast & seeing as we were in the gym there was no way I'd be allowed to strip off (although this is a German gym, so maybe I should have asked...but then again maybe not) but these scales are my new love. They needed to know my date of birth, my sex, my height* before they were prepared to comment on my weight and then going on to express my BMI, fat % etc etc and rounding it all off with the opinion that I'm actually in rather good nick for my biological age, these scales seem to be of the opinion that I'm 37 (and not 46) I was tempted to get down on hands and knees and kiss the machine!

37! That means that I no longer have a 'little brother' but can instead refer to Ed as my 'big brother' as he's 42! I'm still feeling smug!

* that always causes an issue here, I know how tall I am in imperial terms but in metric? Not a hope, so my trainer had to fetch a tape measure but at least now I know I'm 1.71m ( I should check that actually because that sounds too tall for me...)

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Jayne said...

I'm most impressed! Good on ya hon for looking after yourself :-)

I think if they got me to go on the machine it'd probably declare I'd got 35mins to live! (Plus the machine would probably shout obscenities at me LOL)
I'm the same as you tho' & also don't know my height in metric terms. There's been a recent baby boom with some of the wimmin in a weekly coffee group & my mind has been like hyperactive with weight conversions of all the new little humans. "How much did he weigh?" gets the "3.7kg" reply......
quick mental calculation & just over 8lbs tells me its a fair size!

I'm hopeless really!