Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's kind of hard to accept that something with such a spiritual basis and with such an emphasis on breathing can be hard, physical exercise, don't you think?

My (13 yr old) son certainly doesn't view yoga as exercise - not that he's tried it or is even willing to try it you understand. I got back last night from my class (830-10pm) and told him to go to bed as I was 'knackered' and going to crawl (if I could get up the stairs) into my bed as soon as I'd sent the dog outside.

Where upon the disparaging remarks started about how I couldn't possibly be as tired as I said (he thought I was faking it so that I'd get some time alone with the TV & maybe watch something that he wanted to see, I know how his sneaky teenage brain works) and he said, "Yoga's just 'ohmmmm' isn't it? How is that exercise?"

I suggested he might like to come to a class with me (knowing full well he'd say no) and then showed him the 'half moon' pose that had been a challenge to my class and asked Ben to try it.
He tried.
And failed.
He reckons his arms aren't long enough!
I admit I hadn't managed successfully to complete the pose last night, but it was towards the end of the session so I was a little drained (because yoga isn't just ohmmmm, in fact I don't think we do any ohm-ing) and this morning when I showed Jas (who is a tad more respectful about my sporting escapades, well she is younger, so I guess that respect will soon dwindle - unless I go mental like my little bro and start doing ironman stuff - so not happening) I could do it, this balancing on one leg and one hand, shall have to practice for next week, although maybe then she'll want us to do the full moon - but that's something completely different isn't it?!

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