Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Reviews #7

Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey.
This is the latest offering by Todd who is trying valliantly to continue his mother's dragon legacy (the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey).

I finished this book weeks ago, although it took me over a week to read, but it so uninspired me that I've put off commenting on it...

It's OK, but that's it, the story didn't grip me, I could have walked away from it unfinished at any point and not felt like I was missing anything, the only point in its favour is that it made me re-read (for the nth time) the 1st 3 or so in the Pern series written by Anne McCaffrey back in the 1970's and I would have probably continued on through the whole series of 18 books were it not for the intrusion of the latest book group book.

So there you have it, Dragongirl, only to be read by those true aficionados of Pern, and even they wont think it's great, it's more about knowing you haven't missed any vital link from the story chain, which means that I'll more than likely buy the next one when it's published next May...

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