Monday, October 4, 2010

Can you keep a secret?

'cos Jasmine can't. I guess, really I should be glad that my 9 year old finds it impossible to keep the teeniest thing a secret from others but it can be annoying, especially as she has the flappiest ears known to mankind and so frequently overhears things she maybe shouldn't.

One year I made the HUGE mistake of asking her what she'd got me for my birthday and without even pausing to draw breath and certainly with no thought involved whatsoever, she told me. Simon was most unamused...haven't done that again I can tell you, although I do have a very good idea as to what 'she' has got me this year - I kind of saw the box as I was making her bed, it's not exactly well hidden (the present that is, not the bed) but I haven't mentioned it to her, I'm trying out my new tact and diplomacy skills...

Simon is away at the moment, we're entering week 2 of a 3 week absence as he swans about south east asia, staying in swanky hotels and being bored rigid in meetings. I suggested to Jas that while he was away we'd paint the kitchen, but keep it a secret from daddy and then we could see how long it took him to actually notice the colour change (he's colour blind). Jas gleefully then informed her father that we had a girlie secret, something was going to happen while he was away. Then on Friday, after I'd started the painting she told her dad that the secret was in progress, so it's a secret no longer, he even knows the colour...she'll never make a spy, they'd only have to offer her chocolate or something sparkly and the nation's secrets would be spilled.

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john said...

Having seen Jas's room I wouldnt have been surprised if you couldn't find her bed