Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Frühstücking Frauen

Another week, another breakfast "meeting".

It's been ages since we girlies got together to enjoy each other's company for breakfast, at least a week. Although, technically last Monday doesn't count because it was a spur of the moment thing, organised soley for the express reason of celebrating KP's birthday.

Our Villa Landleben breakfasts (or 'Villa all you can eat' according to KP) are
about every 6 weeks (we booked the next one as we were leaving today, the last week of term before school's out for summer - I shall be singing that all afternoon now!) today's was a quietish affair no KP (work, outrageous I know, you'd think girl power would come first) or Anika (on holiday, a way better excuse than work) or Princie (flown the expat nest forever, sob sob) although Emma brought along Laura (a two year old after my own heart, never goes shopping with mommy unless she has her own Cath Kidston (no less) bag and matching purse on her arm) who was happiest when all eyes were focussed on her, you have to admire a girl who can still look chic with Nutella smeared from her eyebrows to her clavicles (she'd have gone further but mommy was being a meany and refusing to let her strip to her Pampers in public - the Germans would have been straight over to tell Emma that she (Laura, not Emma) should be wearing a vest and socks and probably factor 50 too*). So there were 5 1/2 of us today, the smaller group size didnot effect the quality of the conversation however.

- KM regaled us with her exploits in Bruges last week, they turned up on Ascension day, not realising that there's a huge procession in Bruges on that day when religious artefacts are paraded throughout the streets for all to wonder at (there's blood stained clothing that supposedly belonged to Christ) they had a great time in the area, Bruges is beautiful with or without a parade.

- Emma is still trying to find a house to buy, tempted by the Angermond area, despite (or maybe because of) the naturist beaches around the 'lake' there.  And RR has been looking for houses for Emma but finding ones that she'd like for herself!

- Lots of chatter about the forthcoming Eurovision party, who's wearing what (all the men are refusing to dress up) and who's bringing (foodwise) what. KM has chosen the host Azerbaijan and is bringing something for the bbq, as I've chosen Engelbert the hump, the UK's entry I shall take sausage rolls. Emma has opted for Greece and is on the hunt for some Nana Mouskouri big glasses, I wonder if she's already got the big kaftan. It could be a fun evening.

- Problems with little boys fibbing about homework, why do they never learn that they will always be found out?  And why do the teachers seem to think that parents are deliberately misleading them.  We want our children to learn at school and we understand that homework is a part of that, but if a child says they have no homework or that they've already done it, part of you wants to believe them.

It wasn't such a long breakfast this morning, Emma was delayed due to having to take her other half in to work, Rebecca had to leave early because she had furniture being delivered between 11 and 12 (I hope it turned up on time, shall have to check) and I kept expecting my phone to ring because my darling husband had decided to leave a note on the door saying (in German) "dear mr bike delivery man, if there's no-one home can you please call this number (my mobile phone number)".  Great, I was clearly supposed to drop everything and come haring back if the delivery man rang.  As it turned out he didn't ring and it's doubtful he could read, as the parcel was left with my neighbour.  At least it's here. 

It's a hard life, but someone has to do it.

* it's HOT here today, summer at long last. If you didn't have the heat as a clue and were just staring out of the window you'd quickly realise that summer was officially here - the locals are out of their winter black and into their summer white, for a country that doesn't like uniform (apparently dates back to Hitler and his brownshirts) they do their damnedest to adopt one, black in winter, white in summer and greige if you're old.

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