Monday, May 14, 2012

Exploding Hummer

Saturday I had a girlie lunch date.

RR is off to Cuba in the summer hols and apparently the most common food there is lobster. The only slight problem is that RR is allergic to various seafood and she really didn't want to discover that she was allergic to lobster whilst on holiday.

Then she discovered that the local fine food wholesalers "Frische Paradies" was doing a lobster lunch on Saturday and invited us girls to go along, she needed someone else to drive as it's hard to steer whilst vomiting into a bucket at the same time.

There were four of us, but only KM had serious experience with lobster having lived in one of the southern U.S states for some time.   I had also never had lobster (was served it at a French wedding when I was pregnant and so (politely) refused it, the other (French) guests couldn't understand me, turning down lobster, champagne and cheese - crazy English) but as my allergies include Fairy Liquid & Dior's Touche Éclat rather than food stuffs I wasn't worried.

RR spent the meal and the afternoon trying not to think about her stomach, personally I thought the lobster was OK, wouldn't put it at the top of my favourite foods list (where you'll find strawberries, chocolate, crispy duck, bacon&camembert baguette and meringues) but OK.   To be honest I thought the texture was really odd, almost airy, a bit like salmon that's been farmed and that for me was more of a turn off.   I certainly didn't feel the need to pull the legs off in order to suck out all the teeny, tiny bits of flesh, my carapace was left unstripped.

From lobster lunch we moved onto the German staple - coffee n cake, in a nice café closer to home that we've tried out for breakfast previously, but I think I prefer them for cake - a very good selection, shall have to remember to take the cake loving parentals there in a few weeks.

All in all it as a very pleasant girlie lunch, I hadn't thought to be out for 4 hours, but hey, the only thing waiting for me to do at home was dog walking.

It appears that RR isn't allergic to lobster, although she did comment that she felt as though her stomach was filling up with air.   Meanwhile I woke up at 5am on Sunday (mother's day here, ironically) with a very dodgy feeling stomach and spent the following 24 hours either sleeping, dosing or on the loo.  Can't say for sure that it's the fault of the lobster or merely some stupid bug, but as I wasn't overly enamored by the crustacean anyway it's no loss.

Word of the day;  Hummer = lobster

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