Monday, November 7, 2011

Pizza for Tea

I think Rome could well be my favourite city. Paris is romantic, New York is cool but Rome, Rome is something else. Beautiful buildings - everywhere, narrow streets - everywhere, gorgeous shops and little cafés - everywhere. The food is incredible, the wine even more so and even the men are pretty to look at! And don't get me started on the depth of history! I need to return, soon.

Some things that struck me last weekend:
  • Rome must surely be considered to be the heart of the Catholic faith and yet pretty much all the shops were open on Sunday, and the city was heaving that day, more so than on the other days we were there.
  • the Spanish Steps seem to be treated not just as THE place to see and be seen and pose for photos but also as an open bin/toilet - judging by the amount of litter needing to be cleared away in the morning and by the stench.
  • there were possibly more smokers there than in Germany - although at least in Rome there's no smoking in the restaurants.
  • American tourists could be recognised by their shorts and trainers combos and the Germans by their functional Jack Wolfskin apparel.
  • an afternoon can easily be whiled away sitting in a café watching the guys selling knock off designer bags trying to keep one step ahead of the cops, with a secret signal they suddenly all scoop up their goods and run off, one after the other, often hiding behind the stalls of legitimate market holders, emerging only when the police have walked by.
  • on the Friday bike ride I had possibly the most fun when I came up behind groups of German tourists, I loved the fact that I could ring my bell to make them scatter and then whizz past yelling "danke" over my shoulder. Sweet revenge for all the times Logan and I have had our walks ruined by German cyclists who misunderstand the word "footpath".
  • Leonardo da Vinci airport has to be the most disorganised in the world - ironic really when it's namesake was such a forward thinking brainiac, maybe that's why it also goes by name 'Fiuminco'.
A final note, I asked Ben what he thought of Rome...I got a one word answer:


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Jayne said...

Hi Verena :-)
(I'm back! LOL)

We spent 6 days in Rome (during our recent "lets do Italy tour") & by the 5th day, I can honestly say I felt a tad jaded. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed all of what we saw & done - but I was glad to get away. Mike had his wallet stolen on the subway & we're actually grateful there was only about 100yoyos in it & no personal items (also no credit cards), but it left a downer on that leg of the tour. We had coffee at one of the sidewalk cafes opposite the vatican & at 8yoyos a cup, I just felt it was a complete rip-off. The history is amazing though!

I'll be blogging on it sooooon :-)