Saturday, April 2, 2011


Book Group last night, or rather "let's see how much red wine we can drink whilst not talking about the book".

Of the 10 of us there only Marianne and I had read the book, Sing had also read it but couldn't make the night, something to do with having to drive to Paris today (feeble excuse). We did actually try to talk about the book (Solar by Ian McEwan) but kept being interrupted, first by Jenny then by Marianne's son's bedtime (she had to kiss him goodnight telephonically, but he is only one.)

We almost had a fight break out when the book for April came to be discussed. I mentioned that we have two lists now, classics that various members want to read and new stuff. As we've just read a new book then the next book should be a classic and the next on the list is "The Great Gatsby". Now I don't know if it was real anger talking or genuine Aussie frustration or just the wine, but Jen did everything bar stamp her feet over the classic/new list idea, she clearly had a book in mind for spring and when that failed she turned on Kamesh and accused him of rigging the voting for Catch 22, poor Kamesh was quite bemused and decided she was just venting her frustration at India being in the Cricket World Cup final whilst the Aussies went home a week ago...the funny thing is that Jenny put Gatsby on the classic list!

The highlight of my evening was hearing the most delicious piece of gossip (is it gossip when it's actual fact and the person it concerns tells you it?) however it would be rather scurrilous behaviour for me to repeat what I was told, so I shall merely say that one friend of mine is cooking for another friend of mine tomorrow (and no, that's not a euphemism for anything) and this is BIG, BIG, EXCITING news of the bestest kind, seeing as this is the fruition of a plan a year in the hatching. My happiness has been marred only by my fragile state as even the sun is out celebrating today!

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