Friday, April 8, 2011

Going Blonde

It's funny how things get lost in translation don't you think?

I can understand between two people who speak different languages but when it's between two people both who have English as their mother tongue it's more amusing.

Last night was the Thursday after bookgroup (which is ALWAYS the first Friday of the month) and so I decided in my head that it had to be Expats at Lulu's night this week. However, I'd overlooked the fact that the first Friday was April 1st and therefore Expats (which is ALWAYS the second Thursday of the month) is next week...I realised this about half an hour before setting off to join the friends I'd arranged to meet at Lulu's and so put on Facebook in my status that I was turning blonde, the meaning being that I was losing the plot and acting in a rather blonde and dizzy manner. My American friends had seen my post and commented 'but that's not blonde' (of my very brown hair) I forgot to ask what the American English for 'having a blonde moment' is...

After that misunderstanding our impromptu expats evening continued in the usual manner, wine, beer and the odd martini being drunk, much chat, gossip and mickey taking. A good night out.

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