Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make mine a double

This week the U.K. press have been banging on about alcohol abuse, again.

According to "Alcohol Concern" naughty supermarkets have been displaying booze in aisles that aren't alcohol related. Putting tasty Italian reds near the fresh pasta, beer next to the tabloids and champagne alongside the smoked salmon I bet. Naughty, naughty Mr Sainsbury/Tesco/Waitrose, tempting us like that. Trying to get us to buy more than we need to, putting insidious ideas into our empty little heads, tsk tsk.

Here in Germany, where the supermarkets are not so super and life generally lags somewhat behind the U.S. obsessed U.K. such blatant over promotion of an addictive substance doesn't happen...or at least not in the same way.

In my local supermarkets the wine & beer is usually confined to the wine & beer aisles (although the beer aisle does get a bit mixed up with the water/fizzy drink aisle) apart from the times of the year that people traditionally associate with over indulging - Christmas, Silvester, Karneval, the grill such weeks the islands of beer crates float in every available space.
And then there are the miniatures. Cute little bottles of booze, all different sizes, shapes and colours, the perfect size for little hands and ideal for dolls tea parties and dolls' houses and even better than that, the supermarkets display them at the checkouts, between the sweets and the fags just at child height, great. At the moment there are special 'schnapsgürtel' available in the shops too.
This is because it's Karneval time and therefore fast and easy access to mood altering substances is necessary. Alcohol Concern would have a field day here.

Word of the day; der Gürtel = the belt

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