Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Buffalo and the Butterfly

Last night was Funny Wednesday at my favourite bar here in Kettwig, Lulu's. It's a monthly event but only every quarter is it an English Funny Wednesday, this was the third such event and this time Simon was actually in the country and home, and so able to come too - double bonus!

The entertainment started with Brad Bowen a Yank who now lives in Cologne (where most English speaking comedians in NRW seem to choose to live). It must be a hideous experience to have to be the first person up, in a small bar, where the audience are close enough to see every drop of emerging sweat on your forehead.
Brad was OK, not split my sides funny, but amusing, especially when he started discussing the fact that men and women are different, referring to himself and other males as buffalo - quite happy to stand motionless for long periods of time and have to be pushed into action, whilst women are more like butterflies, busy fluttering around - both happy in their differences, the problems happen when the two interact and the fragile nature of the butterfly can be damaged by the brute force (and ignorance) of the buffalo.

Next up after Brad came Alan Moorhouse, who started off by deliberating the usefulness (or not) of country music (much to the bar owners' amusement, one of whom is from Texas and plays in her own country band (Miss Behavin') here). He reckons you can't have a country song unless family and God get a mention. Alan reminded me a lot of Mike Harding, with guitar, mouth organ and such funny lyrics that my cheeks ached from laughing by the time he finished his set, he even managed to get us all singing along and promising (glass in hand) never to drink again.

James Allan
rounded the evening off nicely, he likes to find out where his audience is from to start with - all the better to offend them, and he was spoilt for choice last night as the crowd consisted of Indian, Canadian, American, English, Jamaican as well as German possibilities, he even snook in a sneaky little Hitler joke.

It was, as always, a great evening out, made all the better by the company we were in, red neck jokes were told to the Americans at our table, Michael Jackson jokes also and we discussed the chances of Rebecca's husband getting a Valentine's gift let alone a card after he commented that her recent hair cut made her look (and I'll whisper it) "middle aged"...especially as he followed it up with the suggestion that it was maybe a bit "twinset and pearls", maybe she could enrol him in a "tact and diplomacy" course, but then again, this is Germany, the land of direct (and often blunt and hurtful) speech, so such a thing is probably unheard of. Sam is definitely a buffalo!

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