Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book reviews #14

Ralph's party - Lisa Jewell

A tangled love story or 3 tales in one book.

Jem moves into a flat share with 2 guys and decides that Smith is the man she's seen in her dreams, who she is destined to be with, Ralph thinks differently but can only watch as she falls into a relationship and in love with his best friend Smith, who for 5 years has harboured unrequited feelings of love for the girl in the top flat, Cheri.
Meanwhile Karl and Siobhan's (middle flat) relationship founders disastrously when she finds out how badly he betrayed her with Cheri.

A light bit of frothy, girlie, chick lit, nicely written and undemanding.

Will I rush to read more of Ms jewell's novels, the way I do a Pratchett or a Faulks? No. But also I wouldn't turn one down, and can quite easily see myself reading more.

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