Monday, November 1, 2010

A (not so) tall tale.

There's a great story going around town at the moment.

Si heard it from a colleague at a meeting last week and then heard from another colleague (who lives outside of Kettwig) about it, and even my hairdresser (who lives in the next town along the river) has heard about it, so it must be true right?

This is the way the story goes...

There's a family in Kettwig with a teenage son, who is either Downs syndrome or autistic (depending on the person who heard/tells the tale).
The boy was at home and rang his mother in her office at work.

"Come home now" he tells her "There's a troll in the house"
Naturally the mother didn't believe him.

"Mom, you've got to come home, I've caught a troll" the boy was insistent, and so reluctantly the mother went home.

Her son took her to the bathroom where he'd locked his troll.

The mother was greeted by the sight of a dwarf/little person* who wasn't very amused.

"thank god you're here" he said "I've been trapped here for hours"

It turns out the dwarf/little person worked for the circus which was in town for the holidays and he was going from door to door, drumming up business, a walking advert for the circus.
All had been fine until the teenager had answered the door and believed he had the opportunity to catch a mythical creature!

* I'm trying to be PC here, and according to wiki in the US & Canada people of particularly short stature prefer the term 'little people' but 'dwarf' isn't pejorative whilst 'midget' is...

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