Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WW 1

as opposed to WW I, I'm talking about Wedding Week (part) 1.

I had sooooooooooooooooooo much fun last week, in the build up to the wedding we've (me & Helen*) been waiting over a decade for (they got engaged on Millenium Eve don't you know - I still remember having the duvet yanked from where it was shrouding my champagne induced hangover to 'talk' to Jacky (on the phone) because she had something important to tell me that couldn't wait until the pain had receded)

I missed most of the planning - choosing colour schemes, bridesmaids, venues, cake, menu, dress etc. etc. due to being here in Germany while she lives in St Albans, I even missed the proper hen night, but we still managed to have a good week though, here are some highlights;

- I took a couple of bottles of decent German Sekt over (i.e not the dead cheap, burn through your gullet stuff) so that got us in the celebratory mood

- one morning we left the 3 girls with her mom and took ourselves off to John Lewis to buy the very important lingerie and wedding night nightwear, girlie shopping is great fun and when you add in the extra girlie factors of a wedding & underwear & then we had to do lippie too - can a girlie shopping trip get more girlie? Knickers and lipstick?

- Wednesday night we had hen night part deux, just MIL, MOB, SIL, Jack and me at a pub that does great food & also happened to be having their weekly quiz night, so we joined in under the obvious team name of 'Bride to Be'. Our table was around the corner from the rest of the quiz teams and so we were able to cheat like crazy, googling & texting like mad, to no avail (fortunately, I'd have felt so guilty if we'd won the £100 prize, honest) but we did come 2nd.
After the main quiz came the Accumulator (I think when you read that you should put on a big, deep, booming voice) 5 questions in rapid succession (so no cheating possibilities) each with 3 possible answers (so multiple guess then) and the warning that no-one has EVER won this...see if you know the answers**;
1. Which type of sheep provides the fleece for tennis balls?
a) Perendale b) Herdwick c) Spongebob
2. What colour are the E numbers 120-129
a) red b) yellow c) blue
3. Which is the most northerly reaching county?
a) Warwickshire b) Worcestershire c) Cambridgeshire
4. Which US president was born on July 4th?
a) Hoover b) Coolidge c) Lincoln
5) US naturalist gave his name to which animal?
a) lobster b) porpoise c) catfish

The quizmaster was great at giving out the results, rereading the question, giving the answer and then saying how many teams (from 10) were still left in play, 9 after question 1, 5 after question 2, 1 after question 3 and that team was us...and we got question 4 right too...and question 5 (because the bride to be thought that the porpoise was cuter than the other 2 options...) I think we only got out of the pub clutching the £400 in our sweaty little paws without a lynching because of the team name.

- Friday night, the evening before the BIG day, we went out to l'Italiano in St Albans with the children and Jack's rellies, much wine was drunk and much pizza and pasta eaten

It was a good week!

*Helen had the room in Willoughby Hall (Nottingham Uni 94-97) the otherside of Jacky to me & ever since the engagement, whenever 2 or more of us were gathered together (no cauldron or stormy night required) we would discuss the possibility of the wedding and whether we had to go hat shopping.

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