Monday, September 20, 2010

How PC are you?

I spent the first 40+ years of my life in Great Britain and due to its ever growing multi cultural society (that same society that led naughty Cardinal Walter Kasper last week to comment on racial diversity in Britain, saying "when you land at Heathrow airport, you sometimes think you might have landed in a Third World country") consider myself to be reasonably PC*. I try not to offend people, honestly I do try, I hate conflict and I hate to embarass people so being PC works for me.

Saturday evening we went out for dinner with friends and our associated children and decided to get ice cream on the way homewards. Now here in Germany that doesn't mean grabbing a magnum from the nearest newsagent, oh no, this means sitting at an eiscafé, getting them to turn on the ozone eating patio heater and perusing the pages and pages of the menu before making your selection (2 Baileys macchiatos, 2 waffles with vanilla ice cream, 2 strawberry milkshakes, 1 kinder eis in the shape of a turkey (I think that's what it was...Thomas was swayed by the volume of ice cream and the extras it came with) and 2 bowls of specific flavours of ice cream, there's a choice of I don't know how many, here's part of the menu:

Can you see the name of the flavour at the bottom of the middle column? Just under the Snickers flavour.

Obama, which it turns out is chocolate and coffee flavoured ice cream.

To name a flavour of ice cream after the American president is one thing, but the chocolate and coffee flavoured one?
I'm told I shouldn't be surprised, afterall it wasn't so long ago that a certain chocolatey, marshmallowy confection here had to be renamed from Niggerballen to Dickmans...

Ho hum, it's gonna be a long, long road to political correctness here!

*PC = politically correct

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