Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Dreamer

Ben came home from school today and after inhaling his lunch and before disappearing into the bowels of the house where it is nice and cool and where the PS3/Wii/Xbox all live, grunted at me that he had a letter for me and that he was going on a train to Turkey to visit a Roman museum on Tuesday with his class and had to be at the station at 7am.

He was outraged. He'd have to be up at 5 to be at the station for 7 he reckoned - I can't quite see how this logic works, seeing as the train station is probably as far from our house as his school is and he currently takes just over 1 hour from getting out of bed to arriving at school. I was still reeling from the idea that a day trip with school was to go to Turkey by train, especially as it turned out that the letter from school he had for me didn't concern the trip at all but something else entirely...

So I emailed his class teacher, wishing her a happy evening watching the Germany/Spain football game & querying the trip...

Of course they're not going to Turkey, she mentioned that to catch out those who weren't paying enough attention (!) but they do have to be at the train station at 7am and they are going to a Roman museum at Haltern, I think he's quite disappointed to be staying in Germany!

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