Monday, October 19, 2009

what's in a name?

German names strike me as very odd.
They have such funny names when you actually pause for a moment and translate them there's no doubt about it, they're just...odd.

In England a lot of the weirder names must have been changed over the years either by deedpole or simply by passage of time and sloppy memories. There are still the odd 'Sidebotham' and 'De'ath' around but I don't remember ever having to try to keep a straight face when faced with a surname, and having been through school, university and worked in customer service you'd think I'd have come into contact with lots of odd names, but after two years of living in Germany I'm still amazed at some of the names and the fact that they just live with them. Don't these people want to change them? Don't they think they've got odd names? See what you think:

Bastian Schweinsteiger = pigmounter
Andreas Daumen = Andy Thumb
Irene Krapp
Frau Riese = giant (but she's teeny tiny)
Marge Cocks
Herr Brunch
Frau Pfannkuchen = pancake
Axel Schweiß = sweat
Frau Bonk
Herr Fuckner
Herr Fleischhacker = meat chopper
Willi Fuchs
Frau Dussel = twit/dork
Claudia von Hintern = from behind
Herr Schitter
Helmut Wank (who works at Siemens)
Herr Wasserhund = water dog
Frau Hamster
Herr Ungerecht (a lawyer) = unjust
Frau Zero (maths teacher no less)
Herr Doktor Quack
Frau Doktor Killer
Herr Dryer
Frau Wichser = wanker
Christian Dickgräbber
Herr Katzenschwanz = cats tail
Herr Beinlich = leggy
Herr Lipp
Herr Hundhausen = dog house
Frau Titz
Frau Klohokker = toilet percher

Admittedly some of these just sound funny when you understand English but all the same....

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