Friday, October 30, 2009

happy hallowe'en

Germany is backward in many things in comparison to the UK & the US - shopping, customer service, mobile phone rates (don't get me started on that one) cost of electronic games, quality of TV programmes and Hallowe'en.

Hallowe'en is huge in the US and in the UK it's gradually got bigger and bigger - when we left England 2 years ago children expected on Hallowe'en to dress up ghoulishly and go around in the dark demanding sweets from any household they could. The shops would all be full of everything you could need for the evening, costumes, room decorations, - everything.

Here it's a different story. There are pumpkins galore but although people buy them they don't carve them, they place them in pretty arrangements by their front door. I've seen only 1 other house in our neighbourhood with a carved pumpkin, so to make up for the lack we've got 3!

Tomorrow my son and his friends are keenly anticipating ringing on doorbells demanding 'trick or treat' (or whatever the German equivalent is, I'll remember it as soon as I hear it over and over tomorrow night) and Jas has a Hallowe'en party to go to, BUT, (it's a big but) can you find stuff here for Hallowe'en? Not a chance. Lots and lots of Christmas stuff (8 weeks away and counting) and autumnal leafy decorative stuff but spooky outfits and the like? No way.

I eventually found a witches outfit for Jas (that will be too big but that was all I could find) but failed miserably to find any silly spray string for Ben (a trick).

So although the Germans like the idea of doing Hallowe'en you can't actually find the stuff to do it with. Like I said - 20 years behind. Ho hum!

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