Friday, December 7, 2012

Black is Black

Last week I blogged about the possible problems of a weekend spent with friends who I'm used to seeing for a few hours at a time, rather than days.

We had joked that there was a possibility that we wouldn't want to even be on the same flight together on the Sunday afternoon, let alone seated next to each other.

We needn't have worried, we are all still talking & messaging each other as before, there were no fireworks and no strops, whether this is due to the maturity of the group or the fact that half the group were librans who are re-known for their desire for co-operation and harmony in life, who knows.

After a weekend together some things have become clearer...

- when asked if we'd like a drink, most of us will happily accept wine instead of tea, whilst one would prefer red, although bubbles will never be refused by any of us.

- some people are 'on' from the moment they wake up, this isn't me, I need peace and quiet and at least 1 cup of tea before I even approach human.  It is quite likely that the other 5 think I'm an anti-social, moody cow first thing, this is true, but give me a cup of proper English tea and 30 minutes grace and I'm ready to go (hangover dependent that is).

- amazingly none of us hogs the bathroom, we are all surprisingly low mainentance, although D, the honorary girl for the duration might have a different opinion!

- one should never leave a hungover male unsupervised in the kitchen, cooking breakfast, not unless you are prepared for some breakages and the need for the hoover*.

- a ridiculous amount of fun can be had from riding on the back seat on the top deck of the bus, possibly it was due to the amount of prosecco previously imbibed, but suddenly we were all acting like teenagers.

- Americans are impossible to shake off, I blame the fact that I was wearing a bright turquoise coat and therefore was highly visible, I also wasn't trying to lose them, although it must have felt like it to them as I would dart into the road, spotting a gap in about to be stationary traffic, yelling 'this way' over my shoulder.   Really not the done thing in Germany where the greenman rules, or America where jaywalking is penalised.

- some people are more even handed when it comes to sharing a bottle of wine between a number of people (no names, no pack drill).

The next time the majority of us are together will be this weekend, I'm quite sure when we have finished rehashing the London trip we will want to talk about the possibility of a next trip.

* Dyson actually, but that's being pedantic.

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