Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Or maybe I should title this post "the Quiznight Curse" - at Expats last night we discovered that our quizmaster Chris is leaving us.
Forever and moving back to Australia. 
Despite the fact that we'll miss him, none of us can really blame him for wanting to live back on the coast in the sun, instead of here in fickle weathered Europe, but did he really have to plan to leave in January, that really is just rubbing salt into our wounds, we'll be knee deep in snow and he'll be splashing in the surf. So very unfair.

And now we have to find another person, daft enough to want to spend hours researching and preparing 25 trivial questions every month, that have to be tricky enough to fox the locals who like to try their chances, hard enough to prevent quizqueen Emma from getting her elusive full house and yet easy enough that the rest of us plebs don't feel as IQ limited as we actually are.

Despite the sour note to start on, the quiz was as usual, good fun, and Emma won, as (almost) usual.

We had a whole round on sport and R and I managed to get all of them right - so smug.  I think Chris had had fun writing those questions, there was inuendo and more inuendo - hookers, playing a round after breakfast and getting tackle out were all mentioned.

However we completely failed the boyband round, not managing to recognise the Backstreet Boys or Hanson (got Take That and One Direction though - I dread to think what that says abut our musical tastes!)

We struggled to think of which letter in the alphabet doesn't appear in any of the U.S. states, hampered by the fact that neither of us could list all the states, we originally put the letter Z (Arizona) and then changed it to Q, which I think was the correct answer...

Then there was a question about beer and bugs and poo which almost caused a diplomatic incident between the Aussie Quiz master and the Venezuelan science teacher.

The concept of strip billiards had to be explained to the bar owner, while another American struggled to remember which prince it was that had just got married and therefore hadn't been the one in Vegas.

We have just four quizes left with Chris, I wonder who feels up to taking on the mantel and responsibility of quizmaster, it would be a shame if, come February there was no expat quiz, we'd have to talk to each other*!

* which is what happens anyway, we chat before the quiz, during the questions, over the top of the quizmaster and after the quiz.

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Anonymous said...

Harry! It was Harry! (That was the good prince's name, not the state of his naked behind). William was not the one baring his Willie for the world at the table full of balls :)