Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

Yesterday was a day of two halves.

I spent the morning frühstücking with my friends at Villa Landleben, the usual suspects as ever, only the matters under discussion really change. We talked lots about people's husbands and relationships for some reason, and the crappy divorce law in Germany that seems to want to encourage men to be serial monogamists. The last half hour was spent arranging dates when we could all meet up - so far I have in my diary; two breakfasts, one cocktail drinking evening (birthday celebration), one birthday drinks, one Hallowe'en fancy dress/karaoke do (can see my chances of getting Si along to that are zero, fancy dress and singing in public, his two most favourite things - not) and a three way birthday brunch.  A successful morning all round I think.

The evening was Expat's Quiz Night at Lulu.  Chris (quiz master extraordinaire) had promised that the questions wouldn't be All American (I threatened to sulk next to the bar if that was the case) but merely a celebration of America for the poor little Amis stuck over here in Europe, miles away from their Homeland.

Pah! Lying Aussie.   Every single question, all 25 of them, clung to Mr Lincoln's American plan, never again will I believe his FB commentary!

If it hadn't been for my canny choice of quiz team member (Andy, Mr Emma* himself) I would never have got the decent score of 24/25, but this was not enough to win.  It should have been, but not on Independence Day, with a quiz all about America and at least three Americans in the room, two of whom had ganged up on the rest of us.  Gloat?  Of course they did, but it's only to be expected really, and to be honest, better the Amis winning than the natives and embarassing us once again with our ignorance!

* Emma being the person who wins something on the quiz every single month**
** Apart from the Jubilee themed quiz last month, when all the expats were left with egg on their faces and their tails between their legs as the natives swept the board.

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Expat Emma said...

Honestly, I miss one breakfast and the whole of the rest of the year seems to have been planned......