Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Villa Landleben

I'm just back from a relaxing breakfast, and I know it may be almost time now for lunch but as I've not long ago finished breakfast (and it is definitely more breakfast than brunch - seeing as we started at 9am) I don't think I'll be needing any midday sustenance.

Villa Landleben
has become our* favourite breakfast haunt, we're not there every week but maybe every month (our last visit was at the end of November, just before everything went Christmas crazy) and we've been so often (this is not necessarily a good thing, I know) that one of the staff came over and asked if we'd translate something for her the next time we're there - shame then that next month we've decided to try somewhere else, just for a change - more of that later, but we'll be back to Villa Landleben, if not in February then in March, the food is too good and the extra shopping afterwards (think quirky clothing, English tea room china and bits of sparkly jewelry) is just the cherry on the top of particularly scrummy cake.

This morning's chat seemed to be even more school focused than normal (apologies to the 1 girlie who is the only one who doesn't even have children, let alone children in the German school system!) Something to do with the fact that 1 mom has a son whose doctor is recommending Ritalin (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we all screamed) another is trying to find a different high school (for her newly transplanted into Germany, son) preferably one that doesn't have too strong a focus on Latin and 2 moms with children making the decision about which high school to go to after primary school. I think the 2+ hours spent over coffee and croissants and smoked salmon and fresh fruit was great therapy for all of us!

We enjoy our morning breakfast chats, just as decadent as martini nights in their way, and just as much fun (and no hangover the day after - just lots of guilt about the number of calories consumed). We usually arrange the next one whilst we're still finishing off our last coffees and this time was no exception, four weeks takes us Wednesday February 15th, so I suggested we meet on the 14th, that way we can all be each other's Valentines because none of us is fortunate enough to have married a romantic man who would think of doing something sweet and surprising (without being cattle prodded into it first) Rachael even had the perfect venue for it, "The Chocolate Room", a coffee shop that specialises in hot chocolate** (as well as pralines and truffles) but that also does breakfast, sounds ideal for 5 girlies, I'm looking forward to it already.

* local expat girlies (me, Rebecca, Rachael, Princie and Karen + whoever else has time and desire to come along too)
** you can choose the strength of your hot chocolate, anything and everything from 50/60% cocoa up to 80/85% - delicious.

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