Friday, September 9, 2011

quizie rascal strikes again

My grey matter was left well and truly wanting last night at our expats quiz night.

We had a full house, everyone who said they would make it, did, and I think we had 20 people - 1 solitary Australian ( but in my experience they are so competitive that a quiz only needs one) 4 Yanks, a Mexican (minus the sombrero) a Venezualan (who I had always assumed was Argentinian but as one of the questions was "in which country is the world's highest waterfall" and he crowed "I was born there" - not that at that point I knew he hadn't been born in Argentina...) 2 Singaporeans, 1 German and the rest Brits.

Here's a sample of the questions;

1. in Medieval times what did a fletcher make (taking my parents along paid off 'cos dad knew that one)
2. how many countries border Germany, 7,8 or 9 (Simon wanted to answer 10, I thought we should try to remember who they'd invaded in WW II)
3. what film is this the strap line for "be afraid, be very afraid"
4. who is the famous partner of Chris Martin (to which dad asked "who's Chris Martin?")
5. if 2 philatelists are talking together, what subject are they talking about (dads rule!)
6. this is the first line from what song? "she packed my bags last night, pre-flight"
7. German golfer Martin Kaymer is from which city? (Simon turned up too late (delayed flight from Majorca, not impressed) to be of any use)

And then there was the picture round, 5 bottles of beer with the name on the label photoshopped out, I (dad isn't a beer drinker and so was no use whatsoever, I really needed my brother for this round) got 3, not bad for a martini girl!

Our team didn't win a single prize (sob sob) we weren't the first to get a line of answers correct nor the team with the most answers right, we did get into a tie break with 4 corner questions correct though, three teams had to guess the percentage of men that admitted answering their mobile phone whilst on the toilet...the correct answer was 50% and with an answer of 45% we were close but not the closest!

Unfortunately for us expats, Ian is due to leave Germany in December and so we can only take advantage of his sadistic questioning technique for a couple more months, time enough for me to swot up on pub quiz trivia perhaps, not that I'm at all competitive!

and the answers (in case you didn't know)

1. arrows
2. 9
3. The Fly
4. Gwyneth Paltrow
5. stamps
6. Rocketman
7. Mettman (very, very local to here)

Word of the day; plusterig - fluffy.

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