Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Snaps 74

I'm back, 10 (or was it 11?) days in sunny Spain, hopped home to change suitcase contents and then a week in riotous England. Here's a few pics;

1st the pool in Spain, my foot is meant to be in shot.

Then the birthday cakes at my sister in law's 'surprise' birthday celebration (the reason we went to England)
This is a decoration on top of a bridge in a fab Thai restaurant we went to with M&D, dad reckoned it was a pineapple...I don't think so.
And lastly a shot of an almost deserted carpark in the centre of Birmingham, mid morning the day after the riots - perfect day for shopping in the Bullring, the looters hadn't got in and the other shoppers were too scared to go shop.


Jayne said...

Welcome back :-)
Unless my eyes are deceiving me, there's a vacant spot in the midst of some rather yummy looking cupcakes............'fess up Verena, did you sample one before taking the pic? LOL

verena said...

well spotted Jayne, it wasn't me that stole the first cake, it was the birthday girl so I guess that's allowed!