Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I think I hate homework even more now as an adult with two children than I did as a student with my own work to do - at least then it was my work and just my work...things seem to have changed (and not in my opinion for the better) since I was at school (ok, it's a long time ago - I'm sure I mention my age somewhere on this blog, so you do the maths).

My memories of doing my homework involve me sitting either at the dining table or in my bedroom on my own, doing my work. No parental involvement, ok, I confess I was a girly swot and didn't need a kick up the arse to get it done and to get it done well but even if I hadn't been so inclined I don't think either of my parents would have stood over me to make me do it, not because they weren't (& aren't) good parents who love/d me but that's just not how it worked back then in the good old days.
You were supposed to do the work for yourself, because you wanted to and if you didn't want to then you got a bollocking after parents evening when the teachers told your parents how awful you were.

These days in Germany and possibly back in England too (can't really comment on homework policy there as we've been out of that system for over two years - so feel free to let me know) the parent is expected by the school to supervise the homework and to check it over afterwards to make sure it's all been done, we're also expected to help with the learning of vocab for however many foreign languages the child is learning and if said child is maybe not keeping up with the class work you need to organise extra lessons 'nachhilfe' as they call it here (15 euro per hour) from either a teacher or more often than not an older student.

Consequently I'm spending a truly miserable afternoon with a recalcitrant 8 year old who is convinced she 'can't do maths' trying to help her understand her (actually really not too hard) homework. We've been at it for an hour so far and not half way through...then I probably have to 'help' with her Deutsch homework (had that one yesterday too - what a laugh, it's like the blind leading the blind) Joy!

I don't get it, my 12 year old at gymnasium gets less homework (but has greater enthusiasm) than my 8 year is that fair?
Something is going to snap and it will probably be me...oh no, that's already happened!

Where's the wine?

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